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FINE LINES NORTHWEST can provide all the services you need to complete your next painting or repair project for your home or business. 

When you decide to change the look of your home, we are ready to help you introduce beautiful new colors as well as repair damage, if needed.  Many clients have told us how much they appreciate the quality of our work as well as how we communicate with them and respect their home.

  • Spray and hand application of paint.

  • Experienced color assistance.

  • Expert drywall & plaster repair.

  • Texturing & superior texture matching.

  • Woodwork installation & painting.

  • Cabinet refurbishing or painting.

  • Wall covering removal & restoration of surfaces.

  • Wall covering installation.

  • Dry rot repair.


The exterior of a home takes a beating here in the Pacific Northwest, and it needs to be maintained to preserve its appearance and value. In addition to painting, we can repair dry rot damage; replace deteriorated caulking

around windows, doors, and other points of potential water entry; as well as replace damaged siding or trim pieces.

  • Spray and hand application of paint or stain.

  • Superior, 2 step, pre-cleaning.

  • Power washing.

  • Dry rot repair.


The renewal of existing cabinetry with beautiful, durable enamel finishes is one of our specialties. We start with meticulous preparation to assure proper adhesion of the new coating. Then we repair any damage or defects and apply an appropriate primer.  Finish coats are applied using a unique spray system that produces superior results - a smooth, new finish that will provide you with satisfaction for many years.

  • Superior application methods and detailing.

  • Warrantied finishes.

  • Hardware replacement.


Customer service is the key to our success, and communication is the key to customer service. We listen carefully to your needs and preferences and then provide you with a detailed estimate, clearly defining what will be done and the cost.  Our goal is to accomplish the work in the best manner with the least inconvenience for you, our client.


  • Free, detailed estimates.

  • Dependable and accessible communication.

  • Comfort of client maintained during work.

  • Careful treatment of your home and furnishings.

  • Drug and smoke free workers

  • Debris removed and premises left clean.

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